Professional Development

The COO Forum foremost is a place where individual Senior Business Leaders grow, learn, increase their effectiveness, and enhance their decision making. We leverage the extensive knowledge and experience of COOs and Second-in-Command Executives to support fellow Member’s professional development.

The success of peer learning in safe, confidential, and collaborative environments has been documented and empirically shown worldwide. The role of Second-in-Command, sandwiched between the CEO/Board and the leadership team, is challenging and at times lonely. Having a community of peers as guides and advisors becomes a terrific solution.

Emerging Best Practices
COO-specific Best Practices is at the heart of our professional development objective. COO Forum Members challenge each other to seek new visions and trends-Emerging Best Practices. We work collaboratively to assess new and emerging ideas, solutions, processes, and tools.

Specific Fresh Thinking
Senior leaders receive significant input from many constituents: Boards, CEOs, subordinates, industry contact, friends, and spouses. The COO Forum community is one which knows the Second-in-Command role well and it provides new and focused insight and input. Trusted colleagues give honest and thoughtful advice without an agenda.

Members support each other with guidance and support combined with a sense of respect and responsibility. C-level protocol and confidentiality exist throughout.

Our aim at the COO Forum is to enable each Member to execute their role with more successful outcomes. We strive to prepare those COOs and Second-in-Command Executives who choose to go on and become CEOs. We promote an environment focused on Member’s company results derived through more effective Second-in-Command Executives.