The COO Forum approach to Networks centers around the connectivity opportunities within the association. We recognize the transforming impact of enabling relationships to accomplish each Member’s individual needs. Below are chief Networks that support our Members.

Industry Forums

Members can connect with Members from specific Industry Forums to participate in or search for information and ideas. Through the COOeForum, Members can easily find other Members who can provide guidance or information within a specific industry.

Local Chapters

At the COO Forum professional development is target at COO specific Best Practices. Leaning toward exploring the Emerging Best Practices, Members explore new and emerging ideas, solutions, processes, and tools.

Area of Expertise

Each Member has far more experience than just their current role. They bring to the table their entire career’s experience and background. Member’s share those Areas of Expertise in the COOeForum facilitating the Member’s ability to seek out colleagues who may have the knowledge they are seeking.


Chapter Directors and Members provide an extensive wealth of talent and know-how. COO Forum Member companies can tap in to these capabilities when looking outside for help.


No prospecting or selling is one of the values at the COO Forum. Nevertheless, many Members find excellent solutions through the COO Forum’s network of companies resulting in effective company business relationships.

Social Benefits

The COO Forum is a business-focused association. However one of the outcomes for many COO Forum members is getting to know and participating with other Members socially.