The COOeForum® is our private and confidential member forum featuring profiles, member contributions, a resource of business information, videos and links, industry forums, areas of expertise, jobs postings, and search.

The COOeForum enables members to post information about themselves and their companies to be available to the entire association. Profiles are easily updated through integration with LinkedIn with a single click.

Discussion Forums
Members can create and participate in various forums by interacting with the membership across topics, industries, needs, events, and disciplines. Members can initiate, view, and participate in this flexible tool.

Members, speakers, and advisors are able to provide relevant content articles, white papers, presentations, and news items to the COOeForum for the library. Members have access to important diverse and significant business information on best practices, new approaches, current events, and new tools.

Industry Forums
The COOeForum will enable members to identify their specific Industry Forums in which they wish to participate and follow. They have access to easily find other members who can provide guidance or information within a specific industry by having access to all industry forum designees within the COOeForum.

Areas of Expertise
Each member can publish the various Areas of Expertise brought from experiences, interests, and background. When a member updates a profile with the connectivity to LinkedIn, all LinkedIn areas of expertise are automatically imported to the COOeForum. Members who wish to get help and information from other members around a specific Area of Expertise can easily search those members to help.

Powered by Bloomfire®
Bloomfire is a knowledge-sharing platform that unites cloud, mobile, and social technologies making it easy for businesses an organizations to capture, share, and consume valuable tribal knowledge. The COO Forum appreciates the opportunity to deploy Bloomfire technology for its COOeForum.

Secure and Confidential
Only members of the COO Forum are invited into our private and confidential COOeForum. Appropriate rules of conduct consistent with C-Level Executives are mandated.