Chapter Meetings


The COO Forum holds regular chapter meetings and events which are facilitated by local Chapter Directors. These meetings are an opportunity for COOs and Second-in-Command executives to gather and learn more about each other’s businesses, present business issues for collaborative discussions, explore best practices, and share ideas. Meeting time, length, and location vary from chapter to chapter, but typically the meetings are two hours or less in duration and occur within the business day. Events both informal and structured are also part of the local chapter’s activity.


Chapter Meetings An occasion for COOs and Second-in-Command Executives to work collaboratively to inform, problem solve, create opportunities, and learn Best Practices in a peer-to-peer approach. Each Chapter meeting is open to all members and members are encouraged to visit out of town Chapters when traveling.

Chapter Events A time for COOs and Second-in-Command Executives to network and get to know each other while participating in activities. These events may include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, after work, and other outings.

Chapter Directors Each local chapter is facilitated by a Chapter Director. This individual gives a few hours each month to orchestrate local COO Forum activities while supporting local members. There remain opportunities for Chapter Directors across many locations. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in becoming a Chapter Director in your community, please have them contact Bill Shepard, Executive Director.


Here is a sample agenda from Northern California meetings:

7:30-7:45 AM – Introductions and Updates: Each individual briefly updates the group about their current events and challenges. Any requests for assistance or needs are presented to the group.
7:45-8:45 AM – Member Issues: We will confidentially collaborate and explore with selected members who have opportunities and challenges where they wish to get feedback and ideas from other members and guests around the table.
8:45-9:30 AM – COO/Second-in-Command Best Practice Topic: Economic Outlook — local, national, and international. Should we be re-thinking our business plans?
9:30 AM – Hard Close: The meeting finishes precisely on time. Those who wish may stay after for informal discussions.