Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any obligation of my time to the COO Forum as a Member?

No. There is no formal obligation of your time with the COO Forum. The level of time commitment is yours to decide. We welcome your participation in Chapter Meetings, the COOeForum, and other activities at your discretion.

Can I become a Member but choose not be visible to other Members?

Of course. We respect the needs of all Members and encourage each Member to define their personal role and access within the COO Forum.

Are Members allowed to attend meetings outside their local area Chapter?

Yes. If you are traveling outside of your area and the calendar works better for you to meet in another location, please attend the meeting that best suits your schedule. Also, if time permits and you would like to attend multiple meeting locations, you are welcome to do so. All meetings are posted at to assist you in coordinating your calendar.

If there is no Chapter Director in my locale can I still become a Member?

Yes. You can become a member with or without a Chapter Director. Our COOeForum and Networks will be available to you. We are underway to have Chapter Directors serving most Members and if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in becoming a Chapter Director, please contact Bill Shepard, Executive Director and Founder, at .

If there is no Chapter Director can I become its Director?

We are actively seeking Chapter Directors. Please feel free to talk with Bill Shepard, Executive Director and Founder. Send him an email and let him know of your interest – he can be reached at .

I am not one of the titles mentioned but feel I fit, can I become a Member?

If you are one of those responsible for the operation of your company or division, but don’t hold one of the titles listed in the criteria, it’s still a good bet you can become a Member. The COO Forum welcomes companies throughout the world of all sizes and industries. To confirm that you are eligible, go to the JOIN button on the home page and follow the steps. We will get in touch with you once we receive your contact information.

Is the COO Forum a non-profit organization?

No. The COO Forum is a for-profit professional development association owned by the Chief Operating Officer Business Forum, Inc, a California corporation. The COO Forum, COOeForum, and The Chief Operating Officer Business Forum are registered trademarks of the Chief Operating Officer Business Forum, Inc.