Skyler Shepard, Chief Technology Officer

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Skyler brings 15+ years in technology, with an emphasis on media, to his role as CTO at COO Forum. His background is in technical management, strategy and digital media expertise, working on business, product, and technical teams.

Early in his career he worked at Index Newspapers, managing the technical team for a handful of newsweeklies in the Pacific Northwest. In 2004, he joined IODA in San Francisco, solving the digital music distribution problem for small and independent music labels by putting their content onto music platforms like iTunes and eMusic. While at IODA, he helped merge technologies with Uploader Music in London to start IODA UK. More recently at Oddcast in New York, he acted as Product Manager for, among other things, TargetSpot, a custom built internet radio advertising platform designed for CBS Radio. When TargetSpot became its own company in mid-2007, he joined as VP of Technology. At TargetSpot, he built the largest internet radio ad network – serving 39 million uniques per month through more than 75 distribution partners.

Skyler received his BS in Computer Science from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. He currently lives in Rockland, Maine, where he apprentices as a wooden boat builder.