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Adam Kaplan partners with CEOs of middle market and emerging growth companies to recruit top talent.

Our focus is on recruiting COOs (Integrators). Some perspectives we have on this topic:

We also recruit leadership team members like CFOs and VPs of Sales. Adam Kaplan personally leads the entire search process, recruiting better people faster. This saves CEOs the massive opportunity costs, time and effort involved in recruiting for these key positions themselves, and helps propel their businesses forward faster and more profitably!

CEOs retain an Executive Search firm when:

  • You are spending too much time working “In” vs “On” the business
  • Your business is accelerating and key sales talent is needed to sustain that growth
  • A key position has been vacant for months or years with little progress on making a hire, or you have hired people who have under-performed, costing you money and opportunity
  • A top employee left abruptly, and you were unprepared for his or her departure
  • You have your eyes on competitive talent but don’t want to be on the hook for “poaching” others for fear of creating a disruptive “talent war”
  • Your expenses are rising faster than revenues and operational talent is required to improve processes

I am committed to a successful placement every time using my StrengthsFinder Top 5 talents: Individualization | Responsibility | Relator | Intellection | Input